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For Whom the Bell Tolls. . .

Without a Long Term Care plan, life sustained by emergency room (ER) artifice mimics Dante's first circle of hell. In a snared existence that emphasizes quantity over quality of life, "beneficiaries" become ever-dependent on family or the state for their care needs. Consider the "sandwiched generation" - they are daughters and sons who tend for their children and care for their parents suffering from dementia or a physical debility. As patient care needs mount, ALL caregivers, parents, and children alike suffer the LTC hardship. Reader take heed: Custodial conservatorship is the LTC event to prepare against. A time of languishing when life is kept propped through ER intervention.

Our parents' experience is our destined future. The ever-escalating cost of unplanned care continues to siphon our (childrens' and grandchildren's) futures. It falls to us, the focus of our sons' and daughters' sympathy and guilt, to put an end to this crippling legacy. We, the present "sandwiched generation", are the next recipients of LTC. Medical advances will continue to prolong and favor quantity over quality. Our life expectancy will be as long, if not longer, than our parents. Reason argues that we will in time require custodial care.

Rationale Based on Experience

The obvious must be stressed. Medical science exists to promote life, not to extinguish it. Ominous bodings for those who celebrate the longevity that medical science promises without considering the quality of that life. In circumstances of need, it is understood and appreciated that prompt attention and privacy are synonymous with dignity, intangibles that are better conserved in the home, but suffer in institutional settings.
As a certified occupational therapist assistant working in geriatrics, I see real life heartbreaking situations. Increasingly, in the absence of prior planning by individuals or family, institutional care becomes the path of least resistance.

ROBERT CARDONA LTC INSURANCE SOLUTIONS addresses a human desire found in every culture - to be cared for and to die in familiar surroundings. "Only 25% of Americans die at home surrounded by friends and family, though 70% would prefer to do so..." "Dying" USA

- A CPLTC policy would -
* Relieve the physical, financial, and emotional burden on family and friends
* Permit you to maintain home independence and financial solvency

* Protect assets from exorbitant LTC expenses
* Ensure your ability to secure quality care

* Ensure peace of mind for self and family

ROBERT CARDONA LTC INSURANCE SOLUTIONS offers alternatives that break the cycle of defaulting Long Term Care to our unsuspecting and unprepared offspring. These alternatives can protect family savings, put the responsibility and burden of cost for personal quality of life care on OUR shoulders and take that burden off the shoulders of those we love most - OUR FAMILIES! Present good health affirms choice to help our children deal with the physical and financial burden of our care tomorrow. This will ease future expenses, stress, and guilt over difficult decisions that arise when LTC becomes a medical necessity. Today is the day to choose between custodial in-home care or custodial institutional care. ROBERT CARDONA LTC INSURANCE SOLUTIONS offers affordable choices and planning.

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